A free form RPG focusing around an original universe filled with Superhuman beings, featuring teams, elements, and characters all made from the ground up.
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 Nina Vulpes

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PostSubject: Nina Vulpes   Nina Vulpes EmptyAugust 8th 2016, 8:32 am

"Yes the tails are real, yes you can touch them"

Nina Vulpes



Full Name: Nina Vulpes
Nickname(s): Ni-ni, Tails, Foxy
Codename: Moriko
Other Alias(es): N/A
Age: 21
Race: Kitsune
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation: None as of yet


Hair Color: Reddish-orange
Eye Color: Yellow
Gender: Female
Weight: 161 lbs
Height: 5'8
Other Traits:
-The option to show up to 5 fluffy fox tails and 2 fluffy fox ears.
-3 feint whisker marks on each cheek.



-Fox Fire: Can create purple fire that burns like regular fire, can create them from her tails or her hands. It can be doused like regular fire.

-Stun Orb: Can create a sphere of magic to toss and stun enemies for a few moments.

-Clones: Can create up to a maximum of five clones (making 6 Ninas in total). These clones will poof after a strong magical attack. Using all five clones for a very long time will make Nina exhausted. Only magic can make them poof, but they cannot use Nina's other powers.

-Magic Seals: Can create magical seals out of thin air and use them for a variety of things, from practical things like making a room silent, to making small explosions. The seals include;

  • Practical, non-combat uses.
  • A small explosion (max of a regular single stick of dynamite)
  • Illusions (making fake walls appear and such, these can be dispelled with strong magic attacks.
  • Create trap area (such as by stepping on one to activate a magical cage).

-Animalistic agility

Physical Weaknesses:
-Anti-magic things/things that drain magic will revert Nina to her fox form.
-General attacks will harm her.

Mental Weaknesses:
-Family is a strong area for her and she will defend and protect her family and friends like a guard dog.

Equipment: N/A


Nina is cool, calm and relaxed in most situations. Only when her loved ones or herself are threatened does she show her claws. Due to her seeing customers almost everyday, she tends to hide her feelings behind a mask of happiness, she buries her feelings and hides them from most people. Only best friends get to see her cry, having lived with a large family group for most of her life, she tends to get lonely easily. She usually tries to distract herself from this by either drawing or watching movies (her favourites include the classic horror films) on lonely nights you'll often find her curled up in bed, a bowl of popcorn with the dark room lit in black and white from the TV screen. That isn't to say she doesn't try, she's always searching for a nice guy, but her work often keeps her stuck at the store all day, with her fanboys being the only ones to charm her, although the chocolates and flowers are nice, she just prefers guys who don't live with their parents still.


-Playing hostess


Country of Origin: England

Born and raised in an underground den of kitsunes, Nina would often go exploring, born with an innate wanderlust, she loved exploring the forest and playing pranks on her fellow kitsune who she considered family. Because she was born soon after her mother arrived at the den by the forest, she was nicknamed Moriko (A Japanese name meaning "forest child.") which she didn't mind as it made her feel more connected to her Japanese heritage.

Nina was home schooled by her mother in all the things that a young girl should know, how to speak Japanese, magic, proper etiquette, how to charm men, the usual stuff.  Her childhood would also involve running away from fox hunts while in her fox form as her and other kitsune tried to scavenge for food.

Once Nina was sixteen, she decided to leave home, perusing her wanderlust for a change of scenery. She packed up her bags, said goodbye to her mother Kiki, and left for America. While there she witnessed some of the Sentinel activity, staying to the shadows as a fox, living in the streets and observing human life for a few years.

Once the Sentinel business was over, she came out of the shadows and began to contribute to Etherion society. Working at a comic book shop for an old man, handing out fliers and generally keeping the shop clean, simple, menial work. Having thought she was a cosplayer at first, the man was in dire need of customers, and who better to draw attention than a sexy looking fox girl. She soon revealed herself as the genuine article and she and the man became friends.

Eventually, the old man decided to retire with his family and Nina was given the store. Working hard day and night, she soon had enough money to add a living area on-top of the store as well as make some improvements to it. Now allowing the shop to sell manga, anime, trading cards, D&D related things and even various Japanese treats, sent via her grandmother in Japan. She had also added a game room in order to host events for customers. It was a paradise for nerds everywhere, a haven, and a sanctuary for some, the fact that she was a sexy fox lady probably also helped. Nina had become a decent businesswoman in the few years since leaving home, as well as the occasional cat burglar (stealing from various places onto the black market to help fund her business).

And this is where we join Nina, a healthy comic shop called Kitsune Comics, living a decent and relaxed life with her army of fanboys.

Sample rp:
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PostSubject: Re: Nina Vulpes   Nina Vulpes EmptyAugust 8th 2016, 7:11 pm

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Nina Vulpes
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