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PostSubject: Felix "Mercury" Black   Felix "Mercury" Black EmptyJuly 18th 2016, 12:45 am

"Hi. I'm Mercury. And...I'm the good guy."

Felix Black

Felix "Mercury" Black 3fde76ecc8465ee7924fb200ef985b94


Full Name: Felix Black
Nickname(s): “Merc”
Codename: Mercury
Other Alias(es):
Age: 22
Race: Human
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation: Project Sentinel (Former); Mercury Team (Former)


Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue
Gender: Male
Weight: 167 lbs
Height: 5’10”
Other Traits:



First Class Sentinel Training
During his time with the program, Felix was trained as the leader of Mercury team, a covert ops team of assassins and world class fighters. During his time there, Felix was trained as a master of martial arts in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Capoeira, and Taekwondo. While he knows a few hand strikes and isn’t sloppy with them, his real strength lies in the precision of his kicks, and his pinpoint accuracy with any firearm from a pistol to a rifle.

Kinetic Absorption
The real draw of Felix. On a touch, Felix is able to drain an object of its kinetic energy. This allows him to drag trains to a stop in a matter of seconds and cars even faster. He is then able to harness this energy himself, allowing him to move faster than the eye can track. If he gets a grip of a particularly fast opponent, he can drain them of their own kinetic energy, allowing him to move just as quickly, if not faster, than them.

Enhanced Reflexes
On a good day, Felix is borderline impossible to hit. He reacts fast enough to dance around fully automatic fire, but lacks the speed to advance through it unless he has absorbed kinetic energy. This ability gives him an edge in combat and even allows him to process information two times faster than an ordinary human, allowing him to understand the things he reacts to as they pass him.

Prosthetic Legs
After a particularly nasty incident, Felix lost both of his legs entirely. While the crushed and splattered limbs were a hefty loss for the kick based fighter, he quickly procured himself some placements from the government scientists that backed the Mercury team. These titanium replacements take up the entirety of his legs from the middle of his thigh downward. The nature of these prosthetics allows him to run without being fatigued, kick up to twice as fast as he previously could, and run at the speed of an Olympic runner. He’s even managed to clock in a leg press of 6 tons with them. Finally, these legs have several relatively useful settings including the ability to overheat them and the ability to magnetize them to other metal surfaces.These limbs react to thought before movement, and thus can react as quickly as Felix can think, which is listed above. Normally Felix hides these enhancements under his pants, but sometimes has them exposed for repairs. These legs can be overclocked to double their output, but the longer the prosthetics stay overclocked, the more risk and stress are put onto them. Too much time and stress and they’ll completely give out on him.

Flare and Energy Manipulation
Felix has the ability to control and manipulate flares, which he can launch from his boot shotties. He can control these omnipotently, stopping any other beings with telekinetic abilities from straying them off course. He can control up to 40 at a time, and each one has very little explosive power. A bombardment of them however will cause some serious damage, as well as kick up enough smoke to slow just about anyone down. Except Felix.


Parkour Specialist
Years of Experience in Covert Ops
Skilled Pickpocket

Physical Weaknesses:

Felix’s legs are made of the most advanced cybernetics government money and research could come up with. While they are resistant to EMPs to the point of retaining function, they will lose many of their perks. The hydraulics will malfunction. The reaction time will slow to a crawl. In short, Felix will return to a state equal to himself before gaining the prosthetic. Outside of combat, these legs are a nuisance.  The blood is unnatural and must be changed regularly, constant overheating can cause discomfort, and the constant need for maintenance can take time out of his sleeping schedule.

Lack of Contextual Pressure
Felix can't actually feel anything in his legs. They could go through a garbage disposal and he'd have to look to notice. Because of this, he feels no context toward the pressure applied to his legs or pressure they apply onto other things. This causes mostly issues in his everyday life, such as preventing him from driving successfully.

Cold reduces the kinetic energy in an object. As such, it has a rather intense effect on Mercury. Rather than simply draining him of the Kinetic Energy he has absorbed, prolonged exposure will drain Mercury of his own kinetic energy as well, and his only real counter to it is to overheat his legs.

Mental Weaknesses:

Felix is and always has been incredibly cocky. He can be goaded into talking and taunting for hours on end. He’ll deny fights because they won’t be entertaining no matter how laughably one sided they are. He is a showman through and through.


Boot Shotties
Felix's leg enhancements came with quite a bit more stability. Since the change, he has adjusted his boots to include two shotgun style weapons. Felix controls these weapons with his legs, which are in turn controlled by his mind. The internal circuitry takes care of most of the reloading as well as overheating, so he just has to pay attention and aim correctly. These weapons are incredibly easy for him to smuggle about and can be fired 30 times before he has to reload them manually.


Felix is actually a rather carefree person. In his daily life, he foregoes violence until it is deemed necessary and bases most of his actions around either annoying others or entertaining himself. However, the war has created a different side of him, the soldier named Mercury. When Mercury gets a turn to play, Felix practically turns off that part of his brain. He suddenly cares little for his fellow men and will throw out any casualties necessary to complete his current mission. The only thing that matters is the mission.


Comic Books
Badly dubbed Martial Arts movies
Constantly taps his foot out of impatience


Country of Origin: Boston, USA
Mercury spent a majority of his childhood living in a rather hostile family environment with an incredibly abusive, alcoholic father. Most nights he spent living in fear, barely expecting to wake up the next morning. That got better, or worse depending on how you look at it, when his father was convicted of 27 counts of murder, apparently moonlighting as a serial killer in the darkness of Boston's alleyways. Well just you fancy that.

And just like that, Felix Black was an orphan at age 8. During his time in the orphanage, Felix didn't socialize much with the others. He was detached for the most part, he seemed almost terrified of the idea of gaining another family. He was more concerned with the well being of the other kids, even if they didn't understand. Families were a death sentence, fathers being the worst of all. He was lucky to survive, and they were all lucky they had him.

Once he turned 16 and the war began, Felix was drafted and his powers were awoken. He trained night and day as he was told, and eventually they noticed something in him. Felix was a loner by nature, he was able to detach himself emotionally to finish a job, no matter what it implied. Despite that though, he was a good leader. He was a kid who could think on his feet, someone who could make sacrifices, but wouldn't. He was smart as a whip, and that was important for an assassin.

Eventually, Felix was placed at the head of a squad called Mercury Team, a team of cutthroat assassins, deadly ex-criminals, and generally just a bunch of hard asses who wouldn't have any problem killing a lot of people. Usually a lot of aliens, but a lot of people nonetheless. Incidentally, he became so involved in the team that he took the name Mercury for himself as the team leader.

His legs were lost during the last mission the team ever went on. It's a touchy subject, and if you want to know, you'd have to ask him. Just don't expect him to be overjoyed talking about it.

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PostSubject: Re: Felix "Mercury" Black   Felix "Mercury" Black EmptyJuly 29th 2016, 8:12 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Felix "Mercury" Black   Felix "Mercury" Black EmptyJuly 29th 2016, 9:29 pm

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