A free form RPG focusing around an original universe filled with Superhuman beings, featuring teams, elements, and characters all made from the ground up.
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 Wrath, the Acrimonious

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PostSubject: Wrath, the Acrimonious   July 28th 2016, 9:04 pm

Locus Caelum


Full Name: Locus Aestus Caelum
Nickname(s): Kyte
Codename: Wrath
Other Alias(es): Tony Redgrave, uses many
Age: Indefinite
Race: Archetype of Sin
Affiliation: None


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Gender: Male
Weight: 150 lbs
Height: 6'0
Other Traits: He has a built body of a professional athlete; strong, but very fast.



Archetype of Sin- Locus was originally an embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins; Wrath. But after being alive so long without having to reincarnate himself, and growing stronger as the ages ran on, he achieved the ability to embody all of the Sins himself; mainly by means of devouring them. This does not mean the Sins he's devoured cannot exist anymore, but those iterations will remain in his being, and fuel his power. Doing this caused him to evolve into a form beyond sins; Fear, the Averse.

Physiology: Locus, as the Archetype of Sin, is beyond human. He has a different body structure than humans. He doesn't need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep. To top it off he's effectively immortal. He will remain untouched by time for eternity.

Might Makes Right- Locus can readily swing around 15 tons with ease.

Whisper- Locus can run at 200 mph without breaking a sweat. He has the reflexes to account for this kind of speed, as well.

Juggernaut- Locus regenerates from most wounds after he's given time to recover. A gunshot wound to the head wouldn't kill him, but might stagger him a little. His body also has a tendency to remove most foreign objects he hasn't accepted.

Wrath, the Acrimonious: Wrath is Locus's original form, and allows him to do remarkable feats. This is the form that Wrath is most comfortable with, and a form that has seen thousands of years of experience.


Air Step- Wrath can create small constructs (Or glyphs), for example, under his feet in the middle of a fall or even a jump, and then kick off of that glyph to go in a completely different direction.

Phase- This also gives him short distance teleportation. The range of this teleportation ability is fifteen feet. However, Wrath cannot use this ability in rapid succession; it is mostly for gaining a strategic advantage and escaping, if need be. He must wait at least ten seconds before using the teleportation ability again.

Wickedness- Wrath is so fast that his sword swings can fly, I.E. cut things beyond the sword's length at a distance of about fifteen meters. Wrath's iaijutsu is top of the line, and he can make many slashes from just one when drawing his sword and swinging in the same movement.

Fear, the Averse: Fear was created as an abstract Sin; as if you are fearful, you are without faith. When Wrath uses the power of Fear, his left eye becomes golden instead of red.


Indomitable- Fear can restructure himself by means of stitching himself back together. This ability replaces his regeneration. He bleeds out more slowly in this form, as it seems his heart no longer needs to beat. These threads appear from anywhere on his body, even if that part is severed. These threads are as strong as steel wire.

Adaptation- Fear has the ability to use alchemy. Alchemy is the ability to create, destroy, and recreate matter using equivalent exchange. He cannot make something with more mass than it had originally, or less. When it comes to large objects he can only transmute an amount of mass with ten cubic feet at most. He also requires an alchemic circle, and additionally needs to know what material he is transmuting to do anything with it. He usually uses thread to make these circles.

Trepidation- Fear has an aura of dread around him for thirty meters. This is mostly for non-player characters, who will immediately get the instinct to turn tail and run away until out of range. But for anyone who does not have will training or a power allowing them to resist such effects, they will feel fear. This ability is actually a releasing of hormones from Fear's body that are naturally produced. Prolonged exposure to these hormones can even transform him into the embodiment of the subject's worst fear. And even though common sense might dictate that the abomination could not exist or might be dead, the subject will be absolutely firm in their belief that it is real, and it is there for them.

Pride, the Sufficient: Pride is the form that Wrath absolutely hates. The Pride he killed and devoured caused him much pain, and for many personal reasons became his least favorite Sin. But the power he gets from his Pride form is beneficial. When taking the form of Pride, his hair becomes pitch black.


Pride- Pride doesn't like being harmed. It's unbecoming of him. As such, he absorbs damage like a tank. 90% of the damage he takes is negated and absorbed into Prejudice. He takes the rest of the 10% onto himself. This ability replaces his regeneration.

Prejudice- Pride's sword. It is four feet long and takes the form of a beautiful, black blade. Its pommel has a three foot chain on it, that wraps around Pride's arm as if magnetically, helping prevent him from being disarmed entirely. The main attribute of Prejudice is that it is where the 90% of Pride's damage is stored. The blade is unable to harm him unless he wants it to. Prejudice is used for returning the 90% of damage it has stored on anyone that happens to be on the other end of the blade. Pride can send it as a projectile if desired, but can only send 20% of its storage that way. It is meant to be delivered back up close and personal. If you catch Pride in an explosion, he ignored 90% of the fireball and shockwave. If he swings Prejudice and decides to free its contents, you're getting the 90% of the fire and concussion back.

Skills: An irrefutable master of swordplay. Locus has thousands upon thousands of years of experience in combat, strategy, tactics, secret operations, almost anything you can think of. He's very intelligent, and he is a very bad man to make an enemy of.

Physical Weaknesses: Wanna put a Sin down? Wrath getting on your nerves? Is that pesky weasel Gluttony eating up all your food again? Lust convincing your women they don't need a man? Well, have we got the stuff for you! All you have to do is use a holy or sanctified source of damage, and Wrath will probably feel the sting. Silver can also accomplish this. Both sources will put a halt to his regeneration on that wound when inflicted upon him. Fear will still be able to stitch it back on where applicable but it will take much longer to heal if he switches back.

Mental Weaknesses: None noteworthy.

Equipment: Wrath carries a few weapons with him, especially in his Wrath form. Two satchels of throwing knives (So ten), and pistols with enough ammunition for a fight with a group of assailants. He even has a tactical tomahawk. But most noteworthy is the entity, Gekido. A reflection of his Wrath, it takes on a weapon suiting his other forms. Just look above. The weapon he carries as Wrath is named Yokoshima. The weapon Fear carries is known as Letzte. Pride carries one known as Prejudice.

More noteworthy weapons are his handguns, though they're more like hand cannons. Weiss and Rot.



Personality: Locus is a very complicated guy. He doesn't like anyone messing with him because he doesn't feel like anyone should feel like they're able to. He's a very loyal and committed friend to anyone who deserves it, and just as loyal of an enemy to those who have wronged him. Locus wants nothing more than to keep his sister safe, because he wasn't able to protect her when she needed it. And he'll stay around as long as he can to do that.

Strengths: He's intelligent, and sly. Unlike most impressions of Wrath he can think his way out of a lot of situations. He can also be unpredictable at times, often overwhelmingly so.

Interests/Habits: He likes fighting, but most of all he likes challenges that can keep him guessing, and puzzles that beg to be solved.


Country of Origin: Eh...
History: ...uhm...it's very lengthy...I'm gonna be putting it up as an interesting story soon anyways.
Sample rp: Your mom.

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PostSubject: Re: Wrath, the Acrimonious   July 28th 2016, 9:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Wrath, the Acrimonious   July 28th 2016, 10:12 pm

My primary concern here is with Pride and Prejudice (I will cut you for making me type that out).

For the most part the issue with the weapon is that nothing really stops Wrath from continually taking damage forever and just healing it right back unless it's a holy weapon. Then eventually he just oneshots you without an issue. The reason something like this would work otherwise is because it reaches a cap, or the fighter just receives too much punishment to continue. How you go about fixing this is up to you, but that's my main issue.
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PostSubject: Re: Wrath, the Acrimonious   July 29th 2016, 6:49 pm

Oh my. I swear to the heavens and above that I nixed regeneration for his Pride form, but my post doesn't reflect it. My apologies. Fixed.
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PostSubject: Re: Wrath, the Acrimonious   July 29th 2016, 6:58 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Wrath, the Acrimonious   

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Wrath, the Acrimonious
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