A free form RPG focusing around an original universe filled with Superhuman beings, featuring teams, elements, and characters all made from the ground up.
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 Ava Delacroix; Avarice

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PostSubject: Ava Delacroix; Avarice   August 7th 2016, 4:17 pm

"Finders keepers, losers weepers."

Ava Brigitte Lai Delacroix


Full Name: Ava Brigitte Lai Delacroix
Nickname(s): Avarice
Other Alias(es): Greed (Though she doesn't like it)
Age: Timeless
Race: Archetype of Avarice
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation: Herself


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Luminescent Red
Gender: Female
Weight: Extremely Light
Height: 5'6"
Other Traits: She has a large scar across her stomach. The wound itself could easily have been lethal, if anybody investigated it long enough.


Aspect of Avarice - Being a Sin has a few effects on Avarice. First, Ava is immortal. Given proper circumstances, she could live forever. Second, Avarice doesn't require any sustenance to live. This includes breathing, eating, drinking, and the like. Lastly, Avarice can be reborn continually. If she is killed by something, with enough time the Sin can reform itself. This can take centuries to months, all depending on the process. The reborn Sin may or may not remember the past iterations and may even have a completely different set of powers.

Omni-Avarice - This is perhaps Avarice's most defining ability. She has the ability to instinctively know where whatever the thing she wants most is located at. Additionally, it lets her know an inherent monetary value of anything she looks at. Even people. This value is determined by their years of schooling, powers, abilities, etc. Avarice does not know what specific skills someone has by looking at them, but a generic number value of all their skills added up.

Avarice's Ambition - Avarice has the ability to open up her own pocket dimension. The only living thing allowed in here is Avarice, that being said she can never fully enter the portal she creates. She can reach in and grab things, or put things inside. Over the years, she has acquired an unbelievable amount of objects. Whether its aged wine, or a simple hairbrush. Avarice is rarely caught without a tool she needs. That being said, there is nothing of supernatural power in there unless it is listed in her equipment section or was put in there recently.

Avarice's Instability - After an ancient run in with Wrath, Avarice found herself missing a portion of her soul. The way she is tied to this world makes the fact that she is missing a portion of her soul effect how she exists in the real world. At times, Avarice becomes intangible. She can move through objects and be literally untouchable. This form can last for 5 minutes at a time, but needs to recharge for 30 seconds after. She has learned to control it and use this to her advantage, though sometimes it still happens without her consent.

She is able to contest with expert swordsmen with her swords.
Extremely knowledgeable about places and historical events. She has been to every city in the world in her long existence.
Extremely talented at hacking and lockpicking. This is a skill that she was forced to develop as her desires grew.
She can speak any human language. Even ancient ones.
Talented manipulator.

Physical Weaknesses:
Gold and Blessed Objects - No matter if Avarice is in her ethereal form or not, Gold and Blessed Objects will always be able to touch her. If someone has a divine sacrificial dagger or a bullet made with Gold, they will impact despite Avarice's powers.

Holy Water - Avarice is not a demon, and her origin is not demonic, but holy water is designed to cleanse evil spirits and contact with this liquid will cause an intense burning sensation on her skin. Steam will even rise up at the point of contact.

Mental Weaknesses:
Easily Manipulated - Avarice likes things. Lots of things. Her loyalty is easily bought, and she'd do nearly anything for the right amount of money.

Sword of Attila - This is a long sword that is kept in Avarice's dimension. It is a sleek black, and the bladed edge of the sword is metal that has been blessed by a priest.

Drying Pole - This is a katana, also sleek black like Excalibur. It's a few inches longer than a regular katana, and marginally harder to wield, but Avarice manages.


Personality: Avarice has learned a lot from her long time on Earth. She has been through much and matured even more from it. She has taken to the subtle side of things when it comes to her crimes. She prefers not to use her powers at all, for fear that she'd provoke powerful enemies to find her.
Beyond her tendencies in crimes and work, Avarice is far more bitter than most. She's seen empires come and go and feels like the only thing that matters is the temporary satisfaction she gets from doing whatever she wants. She's a heavy drinker, taking a liking to incredibly aged liquor and sake. When she's provoked into conversation that could be considered deep, she usually expresses a cold and selfish opinion and makes no effort to defend it.
Those that get closer to Avarice, not that many have or will, often find that under all of her superficial selfishness and apathy there might be something there. Some glimmer of a normal mindset that could possibly be capable of empathy, only it has to fight through the many layers of avarice that she has used to bury it deep inside her.

Strengths: Avarice is a problem solver. Once she sets her mind to something that she wants, it's hard to deter her. She's willing to play the long game if she must, make alliances and earn trust just to get whatever trinket is on her mind at the time.

Interests/Habits: Avarice is a habitual drinker, though she handles the alcohol so well that it's nearly impossible to tell when she is sober or not. She is a wonderful gambler with a mean poker face. When she is restless, she often plays with a gold coin she keeps in her pocket.


Country of Origin: Undetermined.
History: Will be threaded later, then I'll probably update this eventually.
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PostSubject: Re: Ava Delacroix; Avarice   August 7th 2016, 5:25 pm

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Ava Delacroix; Avarice
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