A free form RPG focusing around an original universe filled with Superhuman beings, featuring teams, elements, and characters all made from the ground up.
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Mr Blobby

'Mr Blobby' Ngbbs496c145b634e8


Full Name: Unknown
Nickname(s): The Demolisher
Codename: Mr Blobby
Other Alias(es): None
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affiliation: None


Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Green
Gender: Male
Weight: 450kg
Height: 7'1"
Other Traits: While humanoid in shape Mr Blobby has smooth rubbery skin that is bright pink with yellow polka-dots. The skin stretches when pinched like elastic or gives way like a punching bag when met with force. Although Mr Blobby has a mouth, it never opens. He wears a dickey bow.



Blobby Physiology - Mr Blobby has monstrous strength and can lift up to 30 tons. He has an endlessly durable anatomy, not possessing a traditional skeletal structure or vital organs. He can endure colossal amounts of blunt trauma, such as falling from great heights. He is both stab and bullet proof. Given a run up, Mr Blobby can break through brick walls. He can grab live power lines and suffer only momentary stunning. A typical house fire (1,100°F) is only just hot enough to notice but not harm. He does not breathe and thus cannot be gassed, asphyxiated, drowned, or choked. Finally, Mr Blobby is unaffected by all terrestrial forms of radiation.

Mania - Mr Blobby often gets into a manic rage. When he does so he becomes immune to such things as good reason, telepathic suggestion, emotion manipulation, passivity inducements, and mercy.



Physical Weaknesses:

Although Mr Blobby is very hardy, excessive and repeat blunt force attacks can knock him out.

Vulnerable to energy draining attacks.

Incredibly clumsy. More likely to level a room than land a punch.

Incapable of stealth.

Mental Weaknesses:

The entirety of his lexicon consists of the word 'Blobby' as well as screaming.

Can be prevented from entering his enraged state by providing things he loves. Such as bubble-wrap, finger paints, and lullaby music.





An agent of destruction. Mr Blobby is a blunt instrument waiting to be directed. He loves nothing more than ripping apart buildings with frenzied action. Because he cannot speak more than his own name, Mr Blobby doesn't really connect with humans. They are just squishy things that get in his way. Occasionally he may tolerate human masters but it doesn't take a lot to tick Blobby off and send him into another one of his 'episodes'.

When given to mania Blobby becomes a whirlwind of destruction. Morality, allies, or even self preservation mean nothing to him. If he wasn't so clumsy he'd be a killer. Mr Blobby has always messed up before causing significant harm to a person. He has a sort of slapstick demeanour and does not know his own strength.

In his down-time, Mr Blobby loves finger painting. He also enjoys board games (unless he loses), popping bubble-wrap, sparklers, constructing elaborate models (to destroy), and listening to calming music. He seems to have given little thought to what he actually is and how he came to be.


The only noises he makes will be laughing, screaming, snoring, or using the word 'Blobby'.

Loves ice cream. No one knows how he eats it. The cone just vanishes when people look away.


Country of Origin: French Guyana


Nothing is known about Mr Blobby's past. He was first encountered in the jungles of French Guyana. His rampages were causing vast amounts of deforestation. The Sentinels were called in to stop him, which they did after a fierce battle.

Since then various criminal enterprises have recruited Blobby to their cause. He has battled the Sentinels on more than one occasion. He specialises in jobs that require property destruction or displays of vast strength.

What is known is that he is not related to the other Mr Blobby. The first Mr Blobby was a popular children's television star in Britain during the 90's. That Mr Blobby is now retired and refuses to get involved with this uncanny lookalike.
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PostSubject: Re: 'Mr Blobby'   'Mr Blobby' EmptyAugust 30th 2016, 11:40 pm

It's like an angry toddler and I love it.

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'Mr Blobby'
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