A free form RPG focusing around an original universe filled with Superhuman beings, featuring teams, elements, and characters all made from the ground up.
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 Captain Orion

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PostSubject: Captain Orion   Captain Orion EmptyAugust 24th 2016, 1:10 pm

"Reach for the Stars!"

Captain Orion

Captain Orion Buck_rogers_by_wieringo


Full Name: Jack Richter
Nickname(s): Hotshot, Ace in the Hole, Ace, Wingman
Codename: Captain Orion
Other Alias(es): Captain
Age: 21
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Affiliation: Leader of the Orion Guard


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Weight: 165 Lbs
Height: 5' 11"
Other Traits: N/A


Powers: N/A

Jack is one dynamite pilot. During the Second World War, he could outmaneuver pretty much any enemy aircraft even if he had a bad engine. This has translated very well into piloting a spaceship. He's still getting used to some of the more futuristic weapon systems, but boy does he still have it.

Brawler- Breaking up barroom fights over pretty girls left Jack learning to defend himself before even joining the United States Army Air Forces. Once he did however, he got a formal training, and boy did he pick up. While no expert martial artist, he can certainly hold his own in unarmed combat against a room of thugs.

Physical Weaknesses:
Human- He's only human. While his suit offers a little bodily protection thanks to the internal-weave structure, he's still fairly susceptible to things like stabbing, poisoning, and just taking too much damage. He has no special pain tolerance either. Simply put, anything that can kill a human will kill him-

Mental Weaknesses:

Hotshot- He tends to find himself jumping into situations before thinking them through. In the past, he's had the fortune of having somebody coming up with a sound strategy. Even when escaping the Vakar ship, he had the benefit of an experienced Orion Guardsman to help him get by. While Jack can certainly strategise in a pinch, and some of his plans can be damn clever, he's still a fly by the pants of his seat sort. And that can lead to all kinds of bad stuff.

Man Out of Time- He's certainly not in his depth. He came from a world where the most people had in their houses for entertainment was a radio. So needless to say the world of interstellar travel and the 21st century are new to him. He still has trouble understanding much of the technology and culture. Maybe one day he'll understand the the strange alien civilizations he hopes to protect, or perhaps even the far more alien culture that is 21st century earth.

Orion Guard Gear:
As the leader of the Orion Guard, one would expect him to have a far more advanced arsenal than you're regular interstellar cop. Unfortunately, he received his equipment from the captured leader of the Orion Guard, so the equipment he received was limited to what Trex could sneak past the guards. The gear is essentially the equivalent of the average Orion Guardsman.


Orion Assault Gauntlet:



Personality: Jack is one cocky guy. He's a hotshot and he knows it. He usually taunts his opponents, though usually not in a bid to get them to make mistakes. But his heart is definitely in the right place. He truly believes in a better tomorrow, and sees this twist of fate as his opportunity to do just that.

Strengths: His pilots skill, his compassion, and his hope for a better tomorrow.

Interests/Habits: Listening to old time radio drama's. Believe it or not, some of them actually got picked up by spacefaring races and translated into a number of different languages. So yeah, he actually has some datareels of classic "Green Streak" and "Adventures to Amaze" hanging around. Plus, he also enjoys spending time trying to catch up on all that he missed while freezing in space.


Country of Origin: America
History: During World War 2, Jack Richter signed up for the United States Army Air Forces. All of his school buddies had done so, and with the nearby airbase, USAAF seemed like the best bet. He became the best of the best, quickly becoming the top pilot on the base, while all his buddies were stuck as mechanics, or at best, stuck in the back of formation. So he flew. He became well known in the Atlantic Theater as the Ace in the Hole, for his daredevil maneuvers and last minute victories.

Everything changed one afternoon in 1944. He had just flown a high priority convoy down to Florida when the call came in. Radar had picked up a mysterious object entering earths atmosphere over the Bermuda Triangle. They suspected the worst: That the Germans had built an atomic bomb and were about to detonate it. Some wondered why they would go for an uninhabited stretch of sea instead of a populated area, but they weren't going to take any chances. So they sent out their Ace in the Hole. The rest of the squadron stayed behind, in case it was all a ploy to distract them from protecting the convoy.

So there Jack was, flying above the Ocean when he saw it. A spaceship. He almost couldn't believe his eyes. Of course, he tried to turn around, but something was dragging him in, even though he hand turned around. He tried radioing out, but all he got was static. Bright yellow light filled his vision as he whited out.

When he came to, he saw stars. Not the metaphorical stars, but literal stars out the window he was leaning against. He realized he was in a jail cell with another creature. After getting over the overall drama of meeting an alien, the two exchanged notes. The other alien was Trex, the last surviving member of a group of Galactic Peacekeepers called "The Orion Guard." Technically, as the last member, Trex was also their leader. They had once spanned the galaxy, but after a civilization known as the Vakar fought them, they had been all but wiped out. Now they sat in a Vakar prison ship. Trex to await trial for his "Crimes against the Vakar Empire", and Jack to likely face death in one of the Vakar gladiatorial arenas.

Of course, neither were willing to accept that. Trex, determining Jack to be the trustworthy sort, revealed an escape plan. One he had been planning for a week since his capture. He figured he'd need another week to work out all the details, but now that he had another hand, they could do it that night. He revealed he had managed to smuggle aboard some Orion Guard Gear. A couple Orion Guard Uniforms, a single gauntlet, and 3 handcuffs. Jack got the cuffs and one of the uniforms, and Trex got the gauntlet and the other uniform.

And so they began their escape. Essentially, they had to reach an escape pod in the High Commanders office. Sure other pods existed, but the one in the High Commanders office was the only one with a hyper-drive on board. Without it, there'd be no real hope for escape. They made their way there, but wound up in a final confrontation with High Commander S'Jil. They managed to kill S'Jil and lock themselves within the passage leading to the escape pod, but Trex was mortally wounded. In his last moments, he entrusted Jack with the gauntlet, passing on the role of Leader of the Orion Guard. But now with the Vakar security forces bursting down the door, Jack made his way to the escape pod and set in the coordinates for earth that Trex had given him. Firing off a couple parting shots, the pod shot into space. Before the hyper-drive activated, the Vakar managed to sent off a shot damaging the drive. It still activated however, and Jack was off towards home. The sensation caused Jack to pass out.

Mere minutes after he passed out, the hyper-drive finally broke down. The automated systems determined the occupant was unconscious and unable to handle the controls. Furthermore, without hyper-drive, the trip home would take over 70 years. So doing the logical thing, the system put Jack into a cryogenic stasis, until the pod arrived. The world that awaited him was one that was to be wondrous and new. A world that would need... Captain Orion.
Sample rp:
For the first time, things had been a bit silent. The commander was dead, and they had reached this little hallway. Right beyond it was the escape pod. But it wasn't a happy scene. Jack Richter stooped over the body of Trex.

"Damn it! Don't do this to me now! Don't die on me now!"

"Sorry J. Richter." Trex said, coughing up a purplish liquid that was probably it's blood. He had insisted on called Jack "J. Richter." Probably some part of his culture. "Looks like this is the end of the Orion Guard. Right here and now."

Not thinking of the harm it could do, Jack shook him "There's gotta be something I can do."

"To save me? I'm afraid not." He sighed. But then he looked up, and his vertical pupils narrowed. "But maybe... yes maybe... you can keep us all alive."

"What do you mean?" Jack asked. Trex began to feebly fiddle with the locks on his gauntlet, as it fell off. Jack quickly picked it up and held it back towards Trex.

"Take it" Trex said as Jack looked at the gauntlet in bewilderment. "Your world is no longer the same J. Richter of Earth. Whether you like it or not you've become part of a larger universe. Yes I see it in you. A heart that screams to help those in need. And with this you can. Restart the Orion Guard. Succeed where we failed."

"But I'm no space knight! I'm just a pilot!"

"And I was just a farmboy on Hargula IV. We all have a purpose J. Richter. And I believe... I believe this to be yours. As the leader of the Orion Guard, I hereby induct you. Lead well J. Richter. Lead Well."

And with that, Trex was gone.

Before Jack could even have time to mourn, he head a loud crash. The Vakar were cutting through the door! With a dash, he made for the escape pod. He buckled in just as the Vakar security forces burst down the door. A few bolts of energy shot through the corridor and into the pod, striking a couple consoles. With a slam of his fist, the door closed, and the craft shot into space.

He began to punch in some buttons, according to the directions Trex had given him. The plan was to drop Trex off at some other set of coordinates, and then Jack would be sent back to earth. Apparently Trex's stop was closer. But all Jack had were the instructions for earths coordinates. He didn't have a moment to lose, as a lance of energy swept across the ship. Just as he punched in the last number, a beam hit the back of the craft. The engine sparked, and blew out, before humming and glowing a bright blue.

"Get me out of here!" He said punching the throttle. With a jolt, the craft shot off, the stars becoming tiny white lines that filled every corner of the observation window. Just as with his last spacecraft, the sudden sensation made Jack begin to loose focus. The lines began to blur together as once again, Jack started to white out. But this time when Jack lost consciousness, it would be another 72 years before he regained it.
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