A free form RPG focusing around an original universe filled with Superhuman beings, featuring teams, elements, and characters all made from the ground up.
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PostSubject: Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat   Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat EmptyAugust 10th 2016, 2:31 pm

"Don't worry your pretty face, my hammer has a soft touch."

Nergui Chinbat

Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat Cherbat_zpsynahbv2d


Full Name: Nergui Chinbat
Nickname(s): The Woollen Knight
Codename: Bellwether
Other Alias(es): N/A
Age: 27
Race: Metahuman
Alignment: Lawful Good
Affiliation: Project Sentinel


Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Female
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 5'11”
Other Traits: Nergui is very pretty in face with her most attractive feature being her lips. She dresses like a steep nomad, in animal skins and hand-worked leathers. She is not often seen without her trademark head-covering.



Wool Generation – Nergui can spontaneously generate wool wherever she likes within 120m of herself, even on or inside objects. This wool can be thick enough to dull an edged blade or thin enough to blow on the breeze. She can also generate enough of it at once to cushion an impact with the same force of a car airbag. This same method can be used offensively, blasting foes with the impact. Any wool that she has created she may also dissolve or dismiss with a thought.

Textakinesis – Nergui can mentally control all textiles and cloth and manipulate them to her advantage. She can make clothes fly in the air but this is not strong enough to lift a person wearing them. The movement of clothes can constrict or inconvenience people. These clothes can be made to come apart thread by thread, but are no stronger for it. Using this she may even change physical aspects of clothing at a molecular level. She may also manipulate leathers.

In addition, Nergui has a sixth sense for fabrics. If it is within 120m of her, even if she can't see it, she will know it is there.

Static-Electricity Generation – Nergui can use her textakinesis to cause friction in the wool she creates, thus creating large amounts of static-electricity. These can cause static shocks which will increase in potency the longer they are charged. It can give her jab a tazer shock or cause electronic interference on sensitive equipment. If she charges for thirty seconds without interruption she can launch a lightning bolt from wool – lightning being a static discharge.

This power may also create a static cling, adhering two objects together as long as she focuses on them. She could hold someone to a wall (though not pull them to said wall) or hang off the side of a building. The attractive forces involved would also allow her to pull light objects towards her.

This ability can also ruin haircuts.


Survival Skills: Desert
Survival Skills: Steep
Survival Skills: Tundra
Horse Riding
Proficient at War Hammer Combat (the one without the figurines)
Skilled Boxer
Alpha Dog Instincts
Speaks Mongolian, English, Turkish, some Russian


Zip-Line Threads – Using her abilities Nergui has developed strands of incredibly tough thread that can do the job of zip-line wire. She uses them to swing around from place to place. This means they can support a lot more than her body weight and are as strong as steel. They are set around two spools connected to her back by a harness. Her ability will unwind the thread and loop it around a fixture, so reeling it in will lift her off the ground and away. The thread can also be detached for other purposes, such as bindings.

Body Armour – Nergui's clothes are specially produced so that, if she changes their molecular structure, they become like kevlar. These will stop bullets and offer some fire resistance.

War Hammer – A steel polearm of about spear length. Nergui has been training with the weapon for a long time and can lift, if not swing, it one handed. Its sling is created from her fabrics.

Rags – Various scraps of cloth that Nergui has soaked in subduing agents such as chloroform.

Sewing Needles – Simple needles with looped thread through their eye so Nergui may move them with textakinesis.

Physical Weaknesses:

While her wool can negate impact and slash damage, and may even intercept energy projectiles, it can not prevent bullets or stabbing.

Wool generation cannot be used to choke someone to death, nor can is elsewise be put inside a person.

Sodden clothing is harder to move with textakinesis.

Any type of clothing that is not a textile or leather is unaffected by her abilities. Also, she has great difficulty fighting against nudists – her sworn enemy.

Not being a physicist, she can only change the physical attributes of clothes that have been specially prepared for this purpose. She can't just pick up any scarf and turn it into a bladed weapon.

Sensing fabrics does not mean she will know the nature of them. But if a bundle is moving, she is likely to know that they are clothes someone is wearing.

Static cling will only last as long as she concentrates on it. While the effect can't be overpowered, it can be dispelled when water is introduced or another source of electromagnetism interferes.

The zip-line threads are susceptible to fire and will break easily when set alight.

Nergui does not keep her clothes in armour mode because doing so makes them stiff and uncomfortable, reducing agility.

Cannot swim. Never learned.

Mental Weaknesses:

An alcoholic – Nergui relies on booze to get her through stressful times. Often to excess.

She has an alpha dog mentality, and finds it difficult to take orders from anyone.

Quickly frustrated by the needy and helpless.



Being from Mongolia, Nergui is no stranger to harsh, wasteland climates as can be found on the Mongolian steeps. She has a very fatalistic attitude to survival. She spent most of her life looking after number one and expecting her loved ones to do the same. She isn't in the habit of helping the weak as she believes they bring everyone down to their level. Yet ever since engaging in super heroics, she has recognised this failing in herself and is trying to understand the importance of empathy.

She is strict, stern, and expects high standards. An old reliable sort, you can trust her to take every job seriously. She is given to boasting, has a weakness for airag, and a hatred of swimming. Nergui is not without humour but it is never puerile and she strives to maintain dignity. She is spiritual and very traditional. Her Mongolian heritage is important to her and she respects her ancestors.

Ever the outspoken one, Nergui has been doing things for herself so long that sometimes she feels that if she's not contributing, then she is at risk. She does not like relying on others but knows the advantage of numbers. Her solution is simply to take charge. Even in matters where she has little to no insight.

During the Sentinel War she did things she wasn't proud of. She tries to be just and noble but is fast seeing the hypocrisy of what a superhero should be and what her and her friends truly are.


Heritage & Ancestry
The wilderness
Taking charge


Moral complications
The needy, insecure, and people who are a liability
Career criminals


Nergui practises Tengerism, a type of shamanism, and as such pays respects to her dead family members, past clan leaders, and prior shamans. She does this with prayer, joss sticks, or else offering libations.

Will drink in stressful situations, whether wise to do so or not.


Country of Origin:

Ulan Batar, Mongolia


At times it can seem Mongolia is rather secluded from the wider world. Even in its biggest city, where Nergui grew up, she looked at the surrounding mountains, and the suffocating cap of smog, and felt cut off. She made her frustrations known to her parents and they sent her to her uncle. His side of the family were nomadic – part of the rural dwellers that still roamed the countryside. The thought was that if Nergui experienced the hardship of this lifestyle her wanderlust would end.

Not without its modern comforts, nomadic life was nevertheless rough. It proved to be her making. She learned to milk, to shepherd, to ride horses, to sew, to build gers, to survive in desert heat and the harshness of tundra. The tribe herded mainly sheep and she came to love this lifestyle.

What she didn't understand right away was the tribal mentality. She resented doing work for the elders, the people no longer fit enough to take up chores. In particular her uncle suffered from chronic back pain, relying on her whenever it flared up. But he never gave her cause to disrespect him, being kindly and full of knowledge and advice.

During this time Nergui completed her compulsory education through a distance learning program. Her lessons were conducted over radio to a ger of children. But her parents no longer considered this suitable for higher education. They brought her back to the city for the next two years to attend classes as normal. It was here her metahuman abilities manifested. It was conformation of where she belonged.

She got education in textiles and was contacted by the Mongolian government about putting her abilities to use. Her powers allowed her to produce large quantities of free wool – a major export of the nation. As a result the Mongolian economy made rapid improvements. Her wages went to her family and she felt justified in what she was doing. Even when she found out what effect this was having on wool producing tribes. They were effectively ruined.

She pumped her funds into her uncle's tribe to keep them afloat. Yet seeing that the shepherds who had lost their livelihood were not so grateful, she withdrew her support. She would not give into their demands to stop out-competing them. If she stopped then the economy would be weaker again, and this in turn would disadvantage others, all because these few men couldn't support themselves. She regretted even helping them this much.

She argued as much to her uncle. It was the only time she saw him angry: “Is this strength you're showing? Standing upon the weak? Are you strong when you ignore those who need you most? Are you strong when you refuse to endure what they have? To share in their weakness and overcome it like them? Empathy isn't easy! It's very, very hard. The hardest thing you've ever done by far, girl.”

Stubborn as anything, Nergui would not admit he was right for some time. But when she did she told the government she would not sell her wool any more. She gave bundles of it to all the people she had wronged and allowed them to recover. She wondered what she must instead do with the gifts she had acquired. The answer came in the form of an alien invasion.

There were few people of power in such a remote country as hers, and Nergui considered it her duty to fight if the enemy should land. She learned how to wield weapons and better employ her powers in combat. When Project Sentinel formed she was only too happy to join. They aided her in martial training and designing combat gear. Very soon she earned a reputation as Bellwether: the Woollen Knight. She was fierce but just and always willing to spare her foes.

But as the war went on, darker measures were needed. Wholesale slaughters began. Half-measures were rejected and mercy a luxury. Nevertheless she mostly stuck to her guns, praying that things would improve with a swift end to the war. But as Project Sentinel continued the moral morass just became murkier and murkier. She began to see her team-mates not as heroes but as flawed people, driven to heroics by circumstance.

When the government cut funding to the Project, Nergui continued. She had savings still from her time selling wool. Her goal is to redeem the now disgraced team. To show the world that they can be the heroes that were promised. And if necessary, be the vanguard to any more global threats.

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PostSubject: Re: Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat   Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat EmptyAugust 12th 2016, 2:01 pm

Just double checking, she can't create wool inside of people, right? Cuz I don't believe that's very healthy.
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PostSubject: Re: Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat   Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat EmptyAugust 23rd 2016, 8:15 pm

Actually sheep's wool has everything a growing evildoer needs to get big and strong. It has electrolytes, vitamins P, W, and N, as well as providing them with their daily allowance of whupass.

But no. She can't.
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PostSubject: Re: Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat   Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat EmptyAugust 25th 2016, 4:58 pm

I was more going along the lines of clogging the veins with wool to prevent blood flow, constricting the air way to prevent breathing, or even filling the heart and simulating a heart attack or just blowing it up to save the time. But hey, as long as that's not there it's not something I won't approve.

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Nergui 'Bellwether' Chinbat
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