A free form RPG focusing around an original universe filled with Superhuman beings, featuring teams, elements, and characters all made from the ground up.
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 Lightning, Commander of the Fleet

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PostSubject: Lightning, Commander of the Fleet   August 10th 2016, 4:39 pm

"Lightning. It can't protect, only destroy."

Victoria Sinclair


Full Name: Victoria Sinclair
Codename: Lightning
Age: 52
Race: Alternate Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Project Sentinel


Hair Color: White Blonde
Eye Color: Sky blue, but turns yellow when using her lightning.
Gender: Female
Weight: Light
Height: 5'8"
Other Traits: Velvet soft hair and smooth flawless skin.


Alternate Timeline Physiology - Lightning is proof of the multiverse theory. She comes from an alternate universe where the humans on Earth were marginally different. First, they lived to be about 300 years old if they weren't otherwise killed. Second, they are stronger. Lightning is able to lift upwards of 15 tons with her strength.

Lightning - Lightning took the codename from the element that she commands. She is able to summon and control high voltage electricity currents. She can send these currents through the air or her swords. She herself is unaffected by the effects of lightning or any other electricity effects.

Transmutation - As her powers are connected to the element of lightning, Lightning can literally transmute herself into electricity. She uses this form to travel short distances nearly instantaneously.  She can travel about 30 feet away at a time.

Lightning Reflexes - Another advantage of her powers is that her reflexes are enhanced to perfection. Her brain can comprehend things the moment they happen. There is no speed that her eyes can not see.

Master swordsmen. With her powers and practice put together, Lightning is able to compete with the best of the best in swordplay.
Space craft pilot. She was one of the top captains in Project Sentinel's offensive campaign into space.
War expertise. She has shown to be an effective commander of troops and efficient at war strategies.
Natural leader. She was born to lead. Literally. With her royal bloodline, Lightning was raised to be a queen when she came of age.

Physical Weaknesses:
Sight - In order to use her transmutation, Lightning has to be able to see where she is teleporting to.
Insulators - Her lightning can not travel through objects that are not conductive. Like rubber.
Human - Anything besides electricity that could kill a human could also kill Lightning. Bullets, fire, etc.

Mental Weaknesses:
Fear of failure. Having failed her own home world, Lightning absolutely refuses to do the same with this. That being said, if she does fail she is easy to guilt.
Cares about innocent human life. Lightning would gladly sacrifice her own life to save that of an innocent human.

Noxian Battle Gear - Her armor comes from the strongest fighting force on her planet. Though she had it specially made for maneuverability, the areas that are covered are made from Noxian metal, which can endure 15 tons of pressure before breaking.

Demacian Duel Blade - Her blade challenges her battle gear by being made with the most expensive metal that was on her planet. It's neigh indestructible and made for one on one combat. There's a hitch at the bottom of the blade designed to capture an opponents sword and twisting it out of their grip.


Personality: Lightning is an intense personality. She cares more about her friends than she cares about herself. When meeting someone new, she is generally friendly. She's extremely quick to bring swift and extreme punishment down on someone she thinks is threatening them or another innocent person. In more casual situations, she shows slight signs of PTSD. She's lost many people and feels directly responsible for it. She's hard to get really close to.

Interests/Habits: Lightning does a lot of reading. She finds herself fascinated with this worlds history, considering how different it is from her own.


Country of Origin: Noxus
Victoria Sinclair was born into a house of royalty on her home planet. The Sinclair were the highest family in the world, known for controlling the largest and wealthiest empire that expanded over half the Earth. They said that the sun never set on the Noxian Empire, much like the old British Empire of this world. There was just so much land that it was always daytime somewhere in the Noxian Empire.

Victoria was raised to rule. She was a Princess that was actively showing interest in her people and projects. She personally allocated funding to the space venture project that found success 4 short years after her intervention. This was the advancement that her people had been awaiting since the dawn of time. A venture into the final frontier.

Only, there were similarities with the differences in this universe and hers. They ventured in and met a similar force of extraterrestrials that nearly ravaged the humans of this dimension. This is where the inherent strength of the Noxian's worked against them. The aliens realized how outpowered they were and instead of an open attack they accepted Victoria's hand in peace.

After years of negotiations, Victoria was ready to welcome the first set of settlers onto Earth. It was set to coincide with her inauguration into office, and her first act would be to shake the hands of the incoming aliens... only something was off.

The ship was a trap, exploding once it was allowed into the heart of the Noxian Empire. It crippled their defenses just in time for a fleet of enemies to appear in their atmosphere. The fighting was brutal, with innocents and soldiers alike dying rapidly. The aliens had every advantage with their surprise attack. After a few days, the last human stronghold was the palace where Victoria and the remainder of her royal guard were trying a last stand. Or so she thought.

The leader of her guard, Noctis Caelum had planned a way to save his Princess that he was charged with protecting. The same scientists that had built the first ships that traveled to space had made a machine that could hop to new dimensions.

When Victoria heard of it, she refused. She would stay with what was left of her people and fight to the end.

Noctis wouldn't have it. He dragged Victoria through, then instructed the scientist to destroy the machine. They were then brought to the current dimension of Earth, right at the beginning of their war with the extraterrestrials.

Victoria refused to fail again, and as atonement she joined these humans in their war. She changed her name to Lightning, refusing to don the royal name of her former life until she felt like she had payed her debts back. She was quickly put in charge of one of the biggest ships that went out to attack the enemy. Though she made no attempts to recruit Noctis to her crew, he was persistent enough to get placed under Lightning.

Their crew was the most feared in all of the Sentinels. When her colors arrived into a battle, victory was assured. She decimated all opponents that faced her until one day the aliens got smart. They played a distress beacon from a ship they'd overrun and Lightning was the only unit available to respond. Despite orders telling her to wait fot backup, she charged towards the beacon determined to save any survivors. She charged right into the trap.

There were so many enemies victory seemed impossible. The battle itself dragged on for nearly an entire day. At the end of the fighting, Lightning and Noctis were the only allied survivor and the enemies were destroyed... but their ship was forced to crash land on a nearby planet. Years passed, and they finally got their ship back to functioning condition, and were planning on returning back to Earth to see the outcome of the war.
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PostSubject: Re: Lightning, Commander of the Fleet   August 11th 2016, 6:54 pm

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Lightning, Commander of the Fleet
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